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The unique knot craft jewelry is influenced by flowers and nature


Sun Kang / artist

Sun Kang is working to modernize tradition with modern knotted ornaments using both western and Korean traditional knots. The artist’s identity is found by fusing the sophistication of Asian knots with the simplicity of western techniques as well as European design, with a finishing touch of applying colors that can be found across the entire spectrum.

The artist pursues her unique style by applying flexibility to the strict rules of symmetrical Korean knots to create pieces that reflect modern trends and various cultures, including designs that find motif from wildflowers, crown jewels from the Silla dynasty, etc.

2020 / 지동아트포라 정기전
2019 / …담다 단체전/ 팔레드서울
2018 / 2018 My art&Love 단체전/ 리수갤러리
2017-2019/ 서울시 여성공예센터 777프로젝트 지원작가
2017.06 / 중소기업진흥원 LA 중소기업명품관 입점
2017~2019 / 중구 장애인 복지관 매듭강좌
2016 11. 01-13 / Hart gallery 매듭장신구 개인전
2016 .09 / 창작공간페스티벌 Sensible Reality 서울시민청 전시
2016 .10 / 서울공예박람회 전시
2016. 04~2017. 02./신당창작아케이드 입주작가
2015. 12/ 2015 서울공예박람회: 장신구 전시 / 서울시
2015.12 / DDP 서울 디자인 마켓 참가 / 서울디자인재단
2015.10 ~ 현재 / 청와대 사랑채 입점작가 / 한국공예디자인문화진흥원
2015. 05/ 서울경희궁시립미술관 ‘5월의 Sunflower’ 단체전 / 제이드 플라워 갤러리
2015.05 / 갤러리 단디 ‘Have a good one’ 단체전 / 갤러리 단디
2015.07~09 / 삼청각 ‘공예는 생활이다’ 단체전 / (주)예자한, 삼청각
2015. 04 /  한국문화재재단 인천공항 기념품점, 버들마루 수탁판매 업체 선정 , 입점
2015. 03 /  밀라노엑스포 한국관 기념품관 입점업체 선정, 입점 
2014. 05 / 현대백화점(천호) 4대 공예아트페어 참가
2014. 04 / 한국공예디자인진흥원 갤러리 1분기 입점작가 선정
2014. 02~ 현재 /  국립중앙박물관, 국립박물관 경주, 국립박물관 김해, 국립박물관 제주 입점
2013. 06~현재  /  신세계 백화점 영등포 아마데미 쥬얼리매듭 강습
2013. 06~2014. 07 /  중아트마켓 쥬얼리 파트 입점
2013. 02~현재 /  마이크임팩트 스쿨 매듭아트 강습
2014  /  롯데면세점 직원  교양체험교육 진행 
2013. 07~현재 / 파주 헤이리 Whiteblock 아트숍 입점
2013, 2014 / 리스타트 잡페어 매듭체험 행사 참가  

상경력(Awards and Honors)
2014 서울 공예상 입선
2014 대한민국공예품대전 장려상
2016 서울여성공예창업소전 입선
2016 대한민국 명인명품대전 디자인상
2019 조달청 문화상품공모전 금상(행정안전부장관상) 수상


Since ancient times, Korean people have adopted decorative techniques through the unique culture of Korean food, clothing, and shelter. From its long history emerged the tradition of arts and crafts using knots, which has been used as a decorative tool for court ceremonies, interior design, traditional costume, and so on. Each know contains the wisdom, creativity and sophisticated artistry of Korean women, and gives a glimpse into the life and style of the Korean people.

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Sun studio art&design

Sun Studio Art & Design creates handmade art collections using knots by fusing traditional Asian knots with contemporary designs.
The unique knot craft jewelry is influenced by flowers and nature, created using Korean traditional threads to produce vibrant and delicate pieces that contain artistic value while maintaining a harmony of simplicity and elegance.


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