Exhibition- Hart Gallery


“Filo” means to draw a thread in Latin, and it is necessary to go to a path that is elaborately and complicatedly settled by solving a well-wound thread, The name is Fillo. I will show you my necklaces, earrings and modern jeans that will enrich my surroundings.

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Project Overview

The abundance of Korean traditional colors which are not enough to call it as a light, such as indigo, apricot, or “blue” or “reddish”, has become a feature that expresses the identity of the artist. And the sophistication of oriental knots, and the ribbons commonly used in Europe, to create the most modern knotted jewelery to date. Although the trend in Europe is natural and natural, the Korean knot ornament, which has already created motifs from nature to form butterflies, dragonflies, and flowers, has already been used in British fashion magazines such as “hot” Introduced and enjoyed the multicultural beauty.

SUN KANG / artist

Sun Kang is working to modernize tradition with modern knotted ornaments using both western and Korean traditional knots. The artist’s identity is found by fusing the sophistication of Asian knots with the simplicity of western techniques as well as European design, with a finishing touch of applying colors that can be found across the entire spectrum.

The artist pursues her unique style by applying flexibility to the strict rules of symmetrical Korean knots to create pieces that reflect modern trends and various cultures, including designs that find motif from wildflowers, crown jewels from the Silla dynasty, etc.